CwSim without roaming
and single mobile provider

Travel and stay on-line!
Without roaming!
CwSim without roaming
and single mobile provider
Travel and stay on-line!
Without roaming!

Be opened to new realities

Travel with comfort and save your money with CwSim
Connection to local provider "by air"
Choose the range of Internet package: fixed (from 20 to 1000 MB) or pay as you go
We work in 200 countries with support of leading mobile operators
Benefits from our partners
CwSim can be used together with routers and other devices

Choose the most comfortable way of payment via app
smartphone and mobile Internet with CwSim
Connection to local provider "by air"
Mobile app
Top ups, wide range of bundles and online-support
Plug & Play
Automatic authorization and SMS notification
Start surfing
You will have 5 euros on your balance after SIM activation
No limits
Unlimited time using CwSim
All your devices
Support all devices with a SIM slot
How CwSim works?
Order CwSim online
Download the app
Select a rate in the app

Every year I have more than 100 flights. I compared many different tariffs, changed many SIM cards and finally chose the one. I prefer CwSim for its simplicity and high-speed internet connection for reasonable price.
Andrey Kulya
Founder SMS Online
My Internet connection is the first priority when I travel. My choiсe? CwSim - when you cross the border you just switch the mobile operator and choose optimal package. Veryfied on the rivers of Portugal and Spain.
Mike Krutyansky
Kayaker and Founder
5 euros on balance
€ 17

€ 27

Delivery in Europe
CwSim Europe
€ 27
37 €
Delivery to Asia
CwSim Asia
€ 32
Delivery in to North America
CwSim North America
€ 37
Delivery in South America
CwSim South America
Delivery in Australia
CwSim Australia
Delivery in Africa
CwSim Africa
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about travel with CwSim
What does it mean "without roaming"?
CwSim can search and connect to various local mobile operators without roaming extras. It is automatic authorization.
Is it expensive?
It variates by country. For instance, the bundle "Gigabyte" can be purchased for 8 euros in Finland, Germany, Greece, Sweden, Israel, Portugal and the Netherlands. But the same bundle costs 4 euros in UK. Average tariff per gigabyte is 10 euros.
How can I pay for mobile Internet?
You can recharge your balance in the app by credit card (VISA, Master Card) or by PayPal account.
What is validaty period of the Internet packages?
  • 20 МБ - 24 hours from the acivation
  • 70 МБ - 24 hours from the acivation
  • 100 МБ - 3 days from the acivation
  • 200 МБ - 7 days from the acivation
  • 500 МБ - 14 days from the acivation
  • 1 ГБ - 30 days from the acivation
Will be packages be in force?
You don't loose your unused Mb if you leave a country and come back within the timelines of the budle validity.

Family trip
is always better without roaming
CwSim can be installed on external devices with slots for SIM-cards: ETSI TS 102 223 group standards and other testing devices.
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